許芷瑋 / 香港 / 1996年生於香港,現生活及工作於香港

Hui Gi Wai Echo / Hong Kong / 1996 born in Hong Kong, now living and working in Hong Kong


許於2019年在香港浸會大學視覺藝術學院 - 視覺藝術(榮譽)文學士畢業。許的作品曾於多個國家的團體展覽展出,包括台灣國際錄像藝術展—ANIMA阿尼瑪(台北,2020 - 2021)、Siggraph Asia(南韓網上平台,2018)、IAM International Art Moves 2020(柏林,2020)、The Haunted(倫敦,2019)、Zone Out(南韓,2019)、出爐2019藝術畢業生聯展(香港大會堂,2019)、翻閱相像:攝影紙本藝術節2016(香港,2016)。

HUI Gi Wai Echo excels at the exploration of boundaries of senses and perception, especially sight and smell. Her recent works depart from the investigation of the limitation of vision using optics and illusion, and actively observe the relation between the smell and the inter-personal relationship. Her works meandering between art and science, producing works mostly in forms of light, chemicals, images and moving images. The perception and dynamics of viewers and installation work are mutually influencing each other. As such, Hui triggers conversations beyond the sense of vision via the creative medium dominated by vision, challenging the seen reality.

Echo currently lives and works in Hong Kong. She has graduated with BA(Hons) in Visual Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019. Her works have been exhibited internationally in selected group exhibitions including Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition(Taipei, 2020 - 2021), Siggraph Asia 2020 (South Korea, 2020), IAM International Art Moves 2020 (Berlin, 2020), The Haunted (London, 2019), Zone Out (South Korea, 2019), Art Graduates Joint Exhibition 2019 (Hong Kong, 2019), and Photo Matters: Book and Print Festival 2016 (Hong Kong, 2016).

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